Orage Apparel Review

3 January 2014

In Tahoe you need outerwear that can do it all.  With weather that can change from full on winter to sunny California in a matter of hours, the right jacket and pants are key.  That’s where Orage steps in with their full line of amazing outerwear.  Recently, I had the privilege of throwing on the Orage Edition jacket as well as the Belmont Pants, and learned that style and functionality can truly be intertwined.

The Orage Edition jacket is a high-performance shell that fits like a dream and looks pretty darn good at the same time.  With 20K Waterproof, and 20K Breathability, it repels water and keeps ya dry without making you sweat.  The right amount of pockets on a jacket are key, you don’t want too many, and you also don’t want too little.  The Edition jacket comes with just the right amount, one for your pass, one for your phone, and a couple others scattered here and there for good measure.  And lets not forget about warmth, quite possibly the most important feature when choosing a jacket.  The Orage Edition jacket is just a shell, thus not providing the most warmth by itself.  However with the right layering underneath, this thing keeps ya toasty on the coldest of days.

Overall, the Orage Edition jacket is a superior piece of technical outerwear that I love wearing everyday no matter what the conditions may be.  It keeps me warm on those frigid days, and doesn’t kill me when it’s bluebird and warm.  It fits loose but not baggy, giving you just enough room to move around when you need to.  And it’s pretty stylish all at the same time, providing a sharp look with technical performance.

When you first put on the Orage Belmont pant, the first thing you notice is the relaxed fit and how comfortable they feel.  They provide a nice relaxed fit without being so baggy they drag on the snow.  The heavy duty canvas construction keeps them from being torn up in those early season adventure skiing missions all while keeping you warm and dry.  With 10K waterproof breathability, you can wear these pants everyday, whether it’s puking snow or pissing rain.   The Belmont Pant is sure to come through.  The comfortable yet heavy duty construction keeps me warm and dry day after day while looking my best.

Combining unparalleled performance with impeccable style, Orage is sure to keep you warm, dry, and stylish out on the slopes.

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