Gunner Wolf

1 January 2015

Chief Boot Fitter

Gunner Wolf has been with Granite Chief almost since the beginning. Thirty years of boot fitting, setting the standard and developing many of the techniques that are used today in custom fitting. He has been the go to boot fitter not only for the core Squaw skier but to many elite US Ski Team athletes as well. His knowledge and expertise is among the best in the country, just ask Tamara McKinney, Julia Mancuso, Travis Ganong, Frans Webber, Tom Wayes and most anybody that has grown up skiing the steeps of Squaw Valley.

Gunner heads up our boot department and is responsible for training all Granite Chief boot fitters. If they work at Granite Chief they have been trained by Gunner

Gunner Wolf is listed as a pioneer in custom boot fitting on Wikipedia


  1. Ric Frasse

    You look like the same person I attended grade school with. If you attended Parker School, send me a note, it would be good to catch up.

    Ric Frasse (

  2. Ouisha McKinney

    Gunner, do your custom insoles say AMFIT on the bottom? My achy heels have made me take insoles from my boots to my shoes. That’s OK, isn’t it? ~Ouisha

  3. Ouisha McKinney

    PS (handsome picture)

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  5. Gary Beale

    It’s GREAT to see your face again. I have been living on Oahu for the last 10 years and I miss the opportunity to go skiing with you. Please say hello for me to all of every one at Granite Chief. Best of Luck and keep giving really good boot!

    Your Old Friend,

    Gary (Dr Relax)

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