Follow Michel Lanne, Jordi Tosas, Rene Roulet as they explore the evolution of  trail running running in the latest episode from Salomon Running TV. Outliers looks at the way that fast and light alpinism and mountain running are coming together to take athletes to new heights, both literally and figuratively. Stunning visuals, poignant commentary and jaw-dropping shots abound in this latest episode.

Running can take you to some strange places. Follow the crew of Salomon Running TV as they travel the streets of Barcelona in Episode 03. From gorgeous scenery to amazing street-life, we see it all in this visually stunning mini-movie.

Watch this visually thrilling video that shows the healing powers of running, and the ways in which it transforms his life. Through coping with depression, to finding the love of his life, Chasing the Distance chronicles Rob Krar’s transformation journey.

From climber and filmmaker Cheyne Lempe comes Haywire, a story of two men seeking to find ultimate freedom on Baffin Island. For Cheyne and Dave Allfrey, Baffin offers the perfect blend of solitude and adventure. See just how far they’ll go to get away from it all as they climb big lines, dodge polar bears, and experience adventure in one of the most remote places on Earth.

Think you’ve seen it all? Well, the guys from Snowmads would beg to differ. Check them out as they explore the dirt mountains of Iran in search of steep lines, smooth dirt, and good times. Unlike anything you’ve seen before.

If you’ve climbed in Rifle, CO, chances are you’ve climbed on a route put up by prolific climber and bolster Dave Pegg. After his passing in 2014, Black Diamond Ambassador Dan Mirsky took it upon himself to finish bolting one of the many climbs left undone. Watch Episode 5, the latest for Black Diamond TV, as they pay tribute to Dave Pegg and the newly completed “Width of Life” climb.

The future of backpacking is here, in the form of the Coper Spur UL mtnGLO Tent from Big Agnes. Say goodbye to blinding headlamps and poorly positioned headlamps, now you enjoy the convenience of LED light strands built directly into your ultra-light tent. Seem like something you need in your life? Well, you’re in luck! Visit our website and get your own Copper Spur UL mtnGLO Tent.

Check out what it takes to train for one of the most grueling races in the US. Think you’ve got what it takes to run 100 miles with the best of the best? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

Nothing beats the bond between you and your furry little friends. They teach you lessons that you often times forget in the rush of life. In Salomon Running TV’s second episode of its fifth season, Trail Dog, runner Gaetan Ugnon-Fleury and his dogs, Pepite and Jolyn find their happiness exploring nature and enjoying each other’s company on the trail.

Altra shoes are known for being different. In fact, they’re probably unlike any other shoe you’ve worn before. It’s no accident they turned out this way though. From starting out melting soles off traditional shoes in a toaster oven, to creating a one-of-a-kind toebox, Altra shoes have transformed the way many people approach running. Learn how it all started and what makes them so special.

Edit Title: Party Shred
Filmmaker: Henry Holdsworth
Category: Adult
Home Mountain: Alpine Meadows

Congratulations Henry, you are The Shreddit Showdown 1st Place Winner in the Adult Division. You just won your choice of any ski in Blizzard’s 2016/2017 Freeski category and your choice of Tecnica ski boots.

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Filmmaker: Tyler Curle
Category: Adult
Home Mountain: Squaw Valley

Congratulations Tyler, you are The Shreddit Showdown 2nd Place Winner in the Adult Division. You just won your choice of the 2016/2017 jacket and pant of your choice from FlyLow.