Make this summer at Lake Tahoe the best one yet and Granite Chief has all the gear to make that happen. Run the trails with Brooks Running, Salomon, Merrell, Asics, La Sportiva or Montrail; all are the best running brands, especially for mountain trail running. If running is not your bag, then take a hike. Tahoe and Truckee has some of the best trails around and many with beautiful views of Donner Lake or Lake Tahoe. We’ve got all the great hiking brands as well, Marmot, Osprey, Camelbak, Deuter, Leki, Salomon, Merrell, Ahnu, Western Mountaineer, MSR and a whole lot more.

One thing you really want to do whether you’re a local or just visiting is get out on the lake. Try paddle boarding or kayaking, we have a state of the art rental and demo fleet. But you know you can own a boat without spending a boatload of money. Our Emotion Kayaks prices range from $269 to $429. We even have a rugged kayak for kids priced at only $129. Our paddle board lineup features Surftech, Kialoa, and Corran, prices ranging from $799, (our package deal), to $1199, (our top of the line Corran Doppler 12.6).

Stop by the shop, you won’t believer our great selection of summer gear and apparel. Billabong, Kuhl, Prana, Arc Teryx, Brooks, Toad & Co, Reef, Speedo, Aventura, Marmot, and more.


It’s summer in Tahoe, and that means the lakes will soon be flooded with boats, kayaks, and the ever popular paddle boards. Paddle boarding has gained in popularity quickly over the years, and it’s no question why. Paddle boarding is a fun way to get out and enjoy the lakes and waterways of the area, all while getting a bit of exercise. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg buying and maintaining one like you would with say a ski boat or something. A paddle board is a no brainer if you live or visit the Truckee Tahoe area which is littered with amazing lakes to explore while stand up paddle boarding.

When looking for a paddle board to buy there are many options out there, and Granite Chief has you covered on all of them. With top of the line paddle boards from Surftech, Kialoa and Corran we have the best paddle board whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned vet.



For the beginners out there looking to get their feet wet and try paddle boarding for the first time, the Kialoa Aloha is the perfect board for you. The Kialoa Aloha is lightweight, and wide, providing solid stability for those shaky beginners. The soft top board makes standing and kneeling on the board comfortable; more so than those pesky hard fiberglass top boards, but they have their place too. Lightweight, stable, and even comes with a paddle, the Kialoa is the perfect board to get out and take a stab at paddle boarding.

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Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 liter and Women’s Aura 50 liter

Osprey's Atmost & Aura Backpacks

Osprey Atmos and the women’s Aura have been completely reworked with improved ventilation and breakthrough 3D Anti-Gravity Suspension. The backpacks contour to your body and the custom adjustability really does distribute the weight of the pack making the load seem much less than then it actually is. Anit-Gravity, I get the name now, clever.

When our packs were loaded up they seem heavy when grabbing the hand loop at the top of the backpack to move it into position to put it on. I can tell you that we were surprised at the difference we felt when the packs were in place and adjusted the effects of Osprey’s Anti-Gravity Suspension is astonishing. No wonder 90% of the backpacks we saw on the trail were Osprey. Almost all the newer packs, looks like Osprey owns the backpack market, and understandably so.

Just before we hit the trail my sister in-law, Heidi tried my pack on which actually turned out to be a bad idea. She was so impressed with the Aura that going back to dawning her backpack was quite a letdown. The good news her family bought her an Aura for Mother’s Day, too late for the hike of a lifetime but as they say, better late than never.

Both the men’s Atmos and the women’s Aura come in a choice of 65 or 50 liter pack. I opted for the 50 and my husband Herb went with the 65 liter. I felt like the pack held everything I needed and that is always my mindset with loading up my gear, only what I need.

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By Herb Manning

The more we talked with people who had hiked the Grand Canyon the more concerned we became with our pack load.

We own a Marmot 3 season tent that we have used often and it has held up very well over many years of use. But the max weight with all the trimmings is just under 7 pounds, too heavy for the climb out of the canyon. So we decided to invest in a new ultra light tent. Marmot had already proved to use how well thought out and durable their tents are so we ended up purchasing the AMP 3P.

We went with the 3 person instead of the 2, I am 6’3” and Treas is a tosser and a turner. The added width of the AMP 3P has enough height at the head of the tent so that two people could sit up side by side and have plenty of headspace.

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