Roxy Biotherm

You spend 100 days a year riding powder, chairlifts, and simply enjoying everything that winter offers. And what do you have to show for it? Well, besides a sweet goggle tan, burly quads, and a permanently affixed “powder grin?” Chances are you’ve probably got some dry, cracked skin to go along with that wicked goggle tan that you like to show off so much. All the more reason to check out a new offering in the form of Roxy Biotherm winter clothing.


Roxy Biotherm

She could have used some Biotherm


For the first time ever, thanks to Roxy and Biotherm, now you can get all the great parts of winter you already love, while still keeping your face moisturized and happy. That’s because Roxy has added Biotherm moisturizing elements to its line of skiwear for the upcoming season.

If you’re into skiing or riding, you likely know Roxy as a manufacturer or great women’s clothing and equipment. And, if you like keeping your face moisturized, you likely know Biotherm as a leader in that industry as well. So, what could they be doing together, you ask? Together they’ve created a line of winter gear and clothing that will change the way your face thinks about winter.

Now, before you go picturing a scarf smeared with goopy face cream, rest assured that it’s much more cleverly done than that. It starts with a blend of shea butter and apricot oil that is combined with an anti-irritation Marine-Christe extract. A process called microencapsulation is then used to encase those hydrating substances in miniature capsules. The microscopic capsules are then inserted into the fabric.


Roxy Biotherm

Microcapsule -> Fabric Insertion -> Final Product


Once this process is complete, it’s time for the clothing to find its home, you. Luckily, from your side of things as the consumer, there’s really not much going on that changes. You’re still getting a comfortable, functional piece of skiwear to help you enjoy the winter. The difference comes when you start to wear the garment. As the infused fabric comes in contact with the skin, the micro particles break, progressively releasing their formula.

The hydrating formula does a few things at this point. The first thing it does is to create a protective layer over your skin, helping to shield it from the effects of the dry, cold winds that tend to blow when you’re out on the slopes. Secondly, this protective layer actually soaks into your skin, hydrating it the same way that applying moisturizer does normally, except this time it’s doing it while you’re skiing. Hard to beat that, huh?

Atlas Snowshoes | Peak Series

19 September 2016

Think all snowshoes are built the same? Well think again. Atlas Snowshoes are designed with different purposes, and choosing the right ones can be crucial to your success. Whether you’re headed out for days on end, or just want to take Fido for a stroll, Atlas has a snowshoe designed to make the most of your time spent tromping around. Sometimes the best way to get a feel for these things is to put your hands right on the snowshoes themselves. If that sounds like you, then come right down to Granite Chief and let our expert staff help you decide which snoeshoes are right for you.



Atlas Snowshoes at work

There’s a new brand of ski adorning the wall here at Granite Chief, and there’s a decent chance you haven’t heard of it yet. That’s largely because Black Crows only launched in 2006 in France, and has only been in the US for the last couple seasons, on a limited basis for the most part. However, this year Granite Chief has decided to bring these great skis to the North Tahoe area for all you fine folks to enjoy.

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Shorter days, afternoon thunderstorms, ski films being premiered all over the place. These are a few of the things that signal the transition from summer to fall. That list, however, does not include the most important milestone that marks the seasonal switchover. I’m of course referring to the wardrobe-switchover from board shorts and tank tops to everybody’s favorite fall staples, flannel, flannel, and more flannel. Oh, and plaid, of course.

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The secret to building anything is to start from the ground up. This is true whether you’re building a house, making a sandwich, or picking out the perfect combination of clothing for your particular athletic endeavors. Given this, it stands to reason that the starting point for your athletic clothing would be your socks. The right socks can mean hours of blissful trail running or hiking, with your feet ensconced in soft, supportive, moisture-shedding goodness. The wrong socks, on the other hand, can mean hours of swampfoot and blisters, followed by countless more hours nursing your poor, abused feet around the campfire.

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No matter what your particular form of outdoor recreation, there’s one thing that remains constant, the need for clean, purified water to prevent dehydration. Now, as much as we hope that we can all agree on the need for water to prevent dehydration, it’s that “clean” aspect of the water that becomes the tricky part. As much fun as Beaver Fever seems to be, if we can just avoid it altogether, that’s probably for the best, right? So what are the best ways to prevent that from cropping up on your next backcountry excursion?

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Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.15.09 PM

Choosing the right running shoe is arguably one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to your running career. The right shoe will mean hours of enjoyment, fitness and, all things going well, relatively pain-free time spent on the road or trail. We say “relatively pain-free” because well, running is tough. It’s going to hurt sometimes. But we want it to hurt in the right way, not in the debilitating and “I never want to run again” way. After all, what’s that old saying? Something about pain and gain going hand in hand?

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WM photo - Christoph Michel

Photo by Christoph Michel

Choosing the right sleeping bag for any excursion can mean the difference between a night spent dreaming of your next day’s adventure and a night spent tossing and turning uncomfortably, while you worry about your lack of sleep for that same adventure. Whether it be down or synthetic, rectangular or mummy, there are numerous factors which can and should influence your decision of which bag to buy.
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backpacking stove use during downtime on Denali, AK

When it comes to hiking, backpacking and camping, nothing ruins a great trip like not being able to eat tasty meals. Conversely, nothing turns a miserable, wet day into a fun memorable one like a great meal when you get to camp. To help you turn those down days into WOW! days, we’re going to discuss the proper backpacking stove to take on your next trip.

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1. Solar powered lights that change colors.


Bring some illumination to your campsite with the easily-charged and easily-packable Luci Lights.

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Atmos -  Osprey Packs - Dolores, CO


Let’s face it, thru-hiking is a difficult, challenging endeavor, at best. To make things easy, it’s important that you outfit yourself with the proper gear, and the starting point for all of that should be your pack. With this in mind, Osprey Packs designed the Atmos AG pack for men and the Aura AG pack for women. At heart, they’re extremely similar packs, the Aura being designed with a woman’s physiology and body shape in mind. When it comes to features though, they’re nearly identical.

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The future of backpacking is here, in the form of the Coper Spur UL mtnGLO Tent from Big Agnes. Say goodbye to blinding headlamps and poorly positioned headlamps, now you enjoy the convenience of LED light strands built directly into your ultra-light tent. Seem like something you need in your life? Well, you’re in luck! Visit our website and get your own Copper Spur UL mtnGLO Tent.