“Red Bull Media House, in association with MSP Films, presents “DAYS OF MY YOUTH”, a new film that examines every skier’s lifelong affinity for the sport. Narrated to the prolific readings of Alan Watts, this film exposes the many joys and occasional struggles associated with a lifestyle built around skiing. Filmed over two years using state of the art techniques and technologies, this movie offers a unique glimpse into the journey of self-discovery that every skier experiences.

The team, along with an intimate cast of skiing’s modern day superstars, have looked through the lens in a new way to capture moments that redefine what is possible on skis. Watch as these premier athletes explore the globe and escape to mountainous playgrounds to challenge their innermost hopes and fears. “DAYS OF MY YOUTH” reminds us of that special feeling of our very first time on skis, and proves that skiing can keep you feeling young for a lifetime.”

Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross, and Stain Hagen head out to La Grave to experience the amazing terrain. None of them have skied the intense terrain of La Grave before, and they are equipped with the 2015 Völkl V-Werks BMT (Big Mountain Touring) skis so they can really see what they’re all about.

BD Athlete Roland Hemetzberger sends Zarathustra, 8c+ from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Girls Trip Europe: Las Motivadas from Prana Living on Vimeo.