Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma climb Majlis al Jinn, the second-largest cavern in the world. Staring down into a 160 meter deep hole in the ground in the country of Oman, Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma descend beneath the earth’s surface to begin a climb like no other. The two legends challenge the world’s largest unclimbed roof and set a new milestone in climbing.

Video and Article by Eric Bryant

“This year Mother Nature takes home the win for best April Fools Day joke we’ve ever seen.  Don’t let it snow in Tahoe all year, and when it does make it rain up to 7000′ every time.  But on April Fools Day, open the skies up and let it dump 2+ feet in the basin.  Well played Mother Nature, well played.  The deepness of the pow at Squaw yesterday was certainly no joke, but it was a stupid good time.

It snowed for most of the day, and the light was certainly flat, but none of that mattered as the skiing underfoot was smooth, deep, and simply fantastic. Squaw reported around 10″ overnight, but this was one of the golden days where totals were actually under reported, with easily over 2 feet of new snow in places.”

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Last week the Granite crew headed down to Mammoth to ski into the future and test next years product. The crew had a great time and tested next years skis from the likes of Armada, Volkl, Blizzard, and more. Notable skis included the Blizzard Spur, Blizzards new powder ski for next year with only 200 in production. The winner of the Shreddit Showdown has the opportunity to possess one of these 200 skis slated for production. Other notable skis included the Volkl BMT, a carbon fiber, mid-fat ski similar to the V-Werks Katana. Armada, Salomon, and Line all have a whole new line up for next season that we are excited about. All in all the trip was a success, the crew had a great time testing product and skiing into the future.

With the snow conditions in Tahoe being sub-par at best, we took it upon ourselves the other day to have fun with it. With the holiday crowds out, and the upper mountain at Squaw shut down due to stinky conditions, we pulled out the ole jeans and Salomon Force 9′s to show everyone that even with the horrible conditions and snowpack, skiing is fun no matter what. There were a lot of dirty looks, a lot of smiles, and a whole bunch of people who were indifferent, and looked at us like we fit right in with em.

The moral of the story is, the conditions in Tahoe are less than desirable, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get a whole lot better anytime soon, so you might as well make the best of it, because lets face it, skiing is fun.