The Granite Crew Shreddit Edit from Jesse Cassidy on Vimeo.

“With a less than desirable season on pretty much the entire west coast, the Granite Crew decided to have a little fun with their entry for the Granite Chief Shreddit Showdown.”

You can now watch for free, Few Words, an award winning documentary that retraces the life story of Candide Thovex, one of the most accomplished skiers in the world. The film, Few Words, is told by others and follows Candide from childhood to adulthood through a mixture of footage reflecting upon his upbringing on skis and how the got to be where he is today.

Ruapehu – Salomon Freeski TV S8 E11 from Salomon Freeski on Vimeo.

“The volcanoes of Tongariro National Park in NZ mark the most treasured spot in all of Maori culture. Mike Douglas, Chris Rubens, and Josh Daiek gain unprecidented access to these sacred lands.”

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