Check out this interview, “Skiing to Sochi with Julia Mancuso”. In this video, Squaw Valley’s Julia Mancuso discusses her favorite aspects of the competition, how she is looking forward to racing this year, and how she is happy she can be part of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.



Washing for car doesn’t seem to be doing the trick….so what are you doing to bring on the pow?

What about taking the stack of wood out of the garage and tossing it in the driveway? We wanna hear what you think it is going to take to bring on the snow.

Coffee For Thought

10 January 2014

by Treas Manning

My 6am morning coffee ritual; sitting in my oversized chair breezing through facebook posts, checking out Moonshine Ink’s latest reads and between sips of the strong stuff I raise my eyes and gaze at Eagle’s Next and the Tram Face.  This morning a couple of things caught my attention and impelled me to lay down my ipad, take a long look out the window and ask myself this question, what is it I want.

My husband and I have lived in Squaw Valley for 25 years and we had owned a Squaw business from 1976 to 2010.  Embroiled in community fighting over development and the drive to incorporate our town, this morning’s articles stopped me in my tracks.  I looked at my husband Herb and asked, what do we want to see and what are we willing to accept in the Squaw Valley plan?

Moonshine Ink’s morning article about a talk given by Wayne Poulsen Jr. to a small group of locals raised some interesting questions and threw out a challenge that I had yet to take.  In the mist of joining the fight to stop development I have never been asked or asked myself, what do I want.

Wayne Poulsen asked, where was the community when the power substation was built in plain view at the entrance of Squaw Valley, where was the community when Tower One was perched at the crest of the iconic rock face, now known as the Tram Face?

Well, I was around when some of these things happened and not when others took place.  But the important fact is that I never took an active stand on any of these issues, other than small talk with the neighbors. Just for the record, I hate the location of the power substation and I love the tram and Tower One at the Pinnacle of the rock face.

Wayne is right on, the changes facing our community are irreversible.  Going beyond the rally to stop events from  happening it is important to ask ourselves the hard questions.  Are there changes I would like to see?  What are my concerns and what am I strongly against when it come to changes in my community?

After reading moonshine Ink and pouring my second cup of coffee, I logged on to facebook and read a post of a poll taken by the Sierra Sun.  4,693 people chimed into the question, “what’s your reaction to the new scaled-down proposal to develop Squaw Valley”. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by Treas Manning

Aaron Martin found his passion at an early age. At 16 Aaron had already accomplished his first major ascent on 19,850 ft. Mount Logan. He lived and worked in the mountain communities of Lake Tahoe’s north shore. He played in the mountains of Alaska, Canada, the Sierra Nevada and more. Read the rest of this entry »