One star Yelp reviews of our national parks changed my mind about KSL’s proposed Mountain Adventure Center.

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by Treas Manning

My nephew Ryan, posted an article from The Onion. The article referred to one star Yelp reviews of our national parks. Ryan warned me, “this will either infuriate you or make you laugh out loud.” It did both.

In the end the one star reviews left me speechless. But then I started re-thinking KSL’s planned gargantuan Mountain Adventure Center. Maybe a ten story Walmart sized indoor water park and mountain-like play area is not a bad idea after all.

You see I kept thinking, I live at one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world, Squaw Valley. The entrance to Squaw Valley sits along the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe is just a short drive away and can actually be viewed from the top of the ski area. Shirley Canyon and Granite Chief Wilderness rim the ski area boundary. Squaw is surrounded by alpine lakes, waterfalls, bright green meadows filled with wildflowers and massive slabs of granite. Why do we need an indoor water park and mountain adventure playground?

The one star reviews of Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon really opened my eyes. I remember long ago on a warm summer day, a group of friends and I were playing among on the massive boulders on Lake Tahoe. Clowning around, I stumbled and scrapped up my knee. Thank goodness I didn’t tumble into the aqua blue water and get all wet, that would have been a disaster. It dawned on me, my little accident wouldn’t have happened at the Mountain Adventure Center. I would have been protected by guardrails and ranger like employees advising me to slow down and watch my step. It wouldn’t be possible to accidentally fall into the water as I would have to wait my turn with hundreds of others to climb the stairs to the top of the slide and purposely enter the water.

Not only that, but no worries of sunburn, and mosquitos. If I grow bored of the chlorinated cement rivers I could venture over to the indoor climbing wall or try my hand at the game arcade. I wouldn’t have to pack a bag lunch, I could have a burger served to me as I sunbathed under the florescent lights on a perfectly manicured artificial lawn for only twenty bucks or so.

Frankly this water park/mountain center idea might be a great one. In fact, we might want to consider building a few more around the lake. Emerald Bay might be a sweet spot. We could actually build a water slide straight from the parking lot that empties right out into the lake, or a zip line to Fannette Island. Let’s gut Volkingsholm and build a climbing wall, restaurant/bar, and movie theater. Why not turn one of the wings into a daycare center, it’s nice to get away from the kids on a family vacation.

Yep, I know I am going to make a lot of locals mad, but I have changed my mind. I am a newborn water park enthusiast. To hell with nature, what’s it done for us, no snow then too much snow. Wildflowers that grow like weeds, tree pollen, and damn it I have a family of grouse living right in my yard. I am over this natural beauty thing. I owe a big thanks to KSL for opening my eyes to the possibilities of a non-natural, safer experience.

Oh, but I do have one request, I’m going to need a little cable car built from my house to the Mountain Adventure Center, I hate walking down that hill.

Link to Article on The Onion

blank. The movie trailer from blank the movie ski on Vimeo.

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Job Summary

We are looking for a skier with a racer background who also fully understand the Big Mountain experience, and what skis are needed to rip in any and all conditions.  This individual must know how to tune skis and understand structure, edge bevels, waxing, layering waxes, hot boxing, binding mounting and testing, and all other phases of ski repair on both race skis and big mountain skis including techniques for gaining speed.  Must be able to direct and work with a team nightly to make sure our customers skis get all of the love and all of the speed they deserve.  The candidate must be able to work with all types of tuning equipment and understand the value of a clean and organized workshop.  This candidate must also be able to interact with customers to solve whatever problems they are having with their skis and give them a finished product overnight.  Most of the days will be free to spend on the mountain perfecting the fine craft of skiing.

This is an opportunity to partner with a locally grown ski and outdoor business.  Our team is looking for an individual with passion for all aspects of skiing and whom is also able to work with, and direct, a group of equally passionate skiers to meet the demands of our award winning Ski Service center.

Key Qualifications

  • Understand all aspects of Ski Race Tuning and running a Ski Service Center
  • Desire to combine craftsmanship and machine use to produce exceptional ski service each and every day
  • Be able to train and direct a group under pressure to produce consistent and predictable result with the Granite Chief Ski Service Team
  • Able to keep a clean and well organized workshop
  • Able to greet and converse with customers about all aspects of ski equipment
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills

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