In Tahoe during the 70’s, if you were a serious skier or mountain person you had a pair of Vuarnet Cat Eye Sunglasses. Vuarnet was the coolest skiing accessory around, ski bums would save up every dollar they had just so they could rock a pair of Vuarnet Cat Eye Sunglasses on the slopes of Squaw Valley. Vuarnet has come a long way since then, and after nearly twenty years, Vuarnet is coming back to the United States, and Granite Chief is proud to be one of the few retailers with these iconic sunglasses.

Vuarnet’s appeal began right here in Tahoe when Jean Vuarnet won the gold medal in Downhill at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley. Shortly after, Jean Vuarnet and optician Roger Pouilloux launched the iconic Vuarnet Sunglasses brand. Everyone in Tahoe went nuts for the sunglasses, and if you were anybody, you had a pair. “It’s going to be a Vuarnet Day” was the phrase coined by a local Tahoe radio station to describe a bluebird day for skiing. Vuarnet has a long and celebrated history with its roots deep in Tahoe, and this winter Granite Chief is proud to bring back Vuarnet Sunglasses for those Vuarnet days this season.

Besides being some of the coolest sunglasses on the mountain, Vuarnet sunglasses are constructed to the highest quality. One of only three manufactures in the world that make their trade mark mineral glass lenses, the clarity of the lenses is unparalleled. The mineral lens provides perfect optical quality with zero distortion and a high level of transparency. The lenses are also very resistant to scratches, along with strong shock resistant construction. With the highest quality lenses, the highest level construction, and a history deeply rooted right here in Tahoe, Vuarnet is sure to impress this season on the mountain.

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War Story - Salomon Freeski TV S8 E06 from Salomon Freeski on Vimeo.

After arriving at a lodge high up in the Italian Dolomites, the Salomon crew soon learns that the mountain they were skiing was the front line in World War 1.

Red Dog Forest Thinning Project from Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows on Vimeo.

If you happen to be in Squaw Valley this past November there is a good chance you heard the chainsaws, or saw the helicopter landing massive trees in the Squaw Valley parking lot. What was going on exactly? It was the Red Dog Forest Thinning Project where more than 5,000 dead or diseased trees were removed from the Red Dog area of the lower mountain in an effort to improve the natural habitat, reduce the risk of wildfire, and provide unprecedented access to tree skiing and riding in the area.

This winter when the lower mountain opens up, we’ll finally be able to check it out. Skiers and riders can now expect almost 100 acres of enhanced skiable terrain with three new designated glade areas; the Red Dog Glades, Paris Glades, and Heidi’s Glades. There is also a new connector trail on Champs Elysees so you can forget about that lengthy traverse.

Now you can check out some behind the scenes footage of the work in progress and get the facts from the man behind the project.

Returning for its second season, the Freeride Chronicles is gearing up for another action packed season full of face shots. For the 2014-2015 season be prepared to view exhilarating segments from Monashee Powder Snowcats, RK Heli Skiing, Selkirk Tangiers Heli, Lake Louise, Big Red Cats, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Mt. Spoke, and Great Northern Powder Guides.

Freeride Chronicles | Season 2 Preview:

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Go ahead and check out the first installment of season 2 where a group of former US Freestyle Ski Team members reunite in the Mountains of British Columbia and set out on a 10 day excursion. After a 25 year hiatus from skiing together, freeriders Kris Feddersen, Lynne Weiland, Trace Worthington, John Witt, Tommy Frey, Desiree Leipham and Devin Dufenhorst kick off the reunion with three days spent at Monashee Powder Snowcats where they tear up the backcountry old school style.

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