-By Jesse Cassidy

In Tahoe during the summer there is never a shortage of races going on, whether it’s small 5K’s, or full blown triathlons, the Truckee Tahoe area is full of events all summer long. And this summer Tahoe will play host once again to another race, a race first of its kind in the United States, the Tahoe 200, a 200 mile single loop race event.

The Tahoe 200 is a race that will circumnavigate all of Lake Tahoe, taking participants on a 200 mile loop around Tahoe’s crystal clear waters, giant granite mountains, and amazing pine and aspen forests. Participants will have 100 hours, or 4 days 4 hours to complete this 200 mile endurance run that follows the Tahoe Rim Trail, as well as small jaunts off the trail in Desolation Wilderness, Granite Chief Wilderness, and Mt. Rose Wilderness. With an elevation gain of 39,800 feet over 200 miles, this race is not for the faint of heart, only the most disciplined endurance runners will be able to complete this journey in the designated 100 hours.

The inaugural race will kick off in Homewood on September 5th, as participants will begin the 200 mile journey in a counter-clockwise route around Lake Tahoe. It should be interesting to see how many participants complete the race in the allotted amount of time of 4 days 4 hours. We wish everyone who will be participating in this year’s inaugural Tahoe 200 good luck as they push their limits running 200 miles in just under 100 hours.

Visit the event website: Tahoe200.com

Le Grand Adventure Tours

29 August 2014

-By Craig Dostie

There’s an interesting quandary in the outdoor world. On one hand, many superb athletes wish they could just get paid to do what they love. In practical terms, they want to be guides. As soon as you claim to be a guide though a whole host of criteria are required, including technical proficiency, safety, and something less tangible but equally important, charm.

On the other, there’s a bunch of us who just want someone to get outside with who can do more than simply lead us down a trail. Friends are the best buy friends can’t always go and sometimes you want someone who is more knowledgeable on where to go and how to go. That’s where Le Grand Adventure Tours come in.

There are plenty of decent guide services around, but what distinguishes Le Grand Adventure Tours is their interest in passing on their enthusiasm for the sports they lead tours in, whether that be road or mountain biking, stand up paddling, skiing, snowboarding, or surfing. The way that translates to you is the variety of tours they can take you on while providing insight on the local geography, sporting technique, and enthusiasms to buoy your experience.

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Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross, and Stain Hagen head out to La Grave to experience the amazing terrain. None of them have skied the intense terrain of La Grave before, and they are equipped with the 2015 Völkl V-Werks BMT (Big Mountain Touring) skis so they can really see what they’re all about.

"D" shows where KSL wishes to build the aquatic center and water park.

KSL’s proposed development raises a lot of questions about the future of Squaw Valley. For example, what if we end up in the nightmare scenario of too much development and not enough water?

Everywhere we turn this summer, we’re reminded of the value — and the scarcity — of water in the region. Throughout Tahoe, we are living with the challenges of drought and climate change. We see the rafts pulled from the Truckee River. Our creeks run dry. The Tahoe Queen, with 300 passengers on board for a summer cruise, ran aground in July.

Think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?

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