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Choosing the right running shoe is arguably one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to your running career. The right shoe will mean hours of enjoyment, fitness and, all things going well, relatively pain-free time spent on the road or trail. We say “relatively pain-free” because well, running is tough. It’s going to hurt sometimes. But we want it to hurt in the right way, not in the debilitating and “I never want to run again” way. After all, what’s that old saying? Something about pain and gain going hand in hand?

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The daily grind got you down? Check out this great video from Outdoor Research featuring Hilary Oliver, Becca Skinner, and Whitney Oliver. Sometimes you just need a gentle reminder that the world doesn’t end at the edge of your cubicle. There’s always more to explore and do.

It’s no secret that Steph Davis and Caro North are elite climbers. Hop on board with Mammut as they tackle Fine Jade, a remote desert tower in Castle Valley, Moab. This video has it all; natural beauty, a great soundtrack, stunning vistas and, most of all, great climbing by two inspiring professionals at the top of their game.

In Episode 05 of Salomon Running TV’s 5th season, Salomon athletes Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens travel to Iceland. Follow these two crazy runners as they channel their inner mountain-goats and explore steep slopes with wild abandon.

WM photo - Christoph Michel

Photo by Christoph Michel

Choosing the right sleeping bag for any excursion can mean the difference between a night spent dreaming of your next day’s adventure and a night spent tossing and turning uncomfortably, while you worry about your lack of sleep for that same adventure. Whether it be down or synthetic, rectangular or mummy, there are numerous factors which can and should influence your decision of which bag to buy.
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SUP season is in full-swing here in beautiful Tahoe. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or an absolute novice, there are always new tips and tricks to master. Check out this quick video for a few SUP tips on how to up your game.

Curious about all the hype surrounding one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports around? Come to our SUP yoga-breakfast event on June 26th at Boca Reservoir and find out for yourself why it’s becoming so popular.


Granite Chief SUP Yoga-Breakfast Extravaganza

If you’ve been itching to try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding, then Granite Chief has just the event for you. Join us on Sunday, June 26th at 7 am for the Granite Chief SUP Yoga-Breakfast Extravaganza! We’ll be cooking up a tasty breakfast, serving mimosas, and yoga instruction will be provided by some great instructors from Yoga Studio Tahoe. Even if you don’t feel like getting your yoga on, just come grab a board and practice paddling around. There’s a reason that SUP is one of the fastest-growing sports around, come and see for yourself just why that is. We’ll be cooking things up on the banks of Boca Reservoir, and the whole event is free!

If you’d like to get out on the water sooner, or perhaps can’t make our event, feel free to stop by Granite Chief any time to rent a paddle board or kayak. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the right watercraft for you and answer any questions you might have.

Feel free to post any questions on the event page and we’ll be sure to answer as quickly as possible.

To make sure we have enough food and SUPs for all, please RSVP!  You can either RSVP HERE, or on our Boca Reservoir, just outside of Truckee

When: Sunday, June 26th from 7 am to 11 am

Cost: Free!

backpacking stove use during downtime on Denali, AK

When it comes to hiking, backpacking and camping, nothing ruins a great trip like not being able to eat tasty meals. Conversely, nothing turns a miserable, wet day into a fun memorable one like a great meal when you get to camp. To help you turn those down days into WOW! days, we’re going to discuss the proper backpacking stove to take on your next trip.

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1. Solar powered lights that change colors.


Bring some illumination to your campsite with the easily-charged and easily-packable Luci Lights.

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Follow Michel Lanne, Jordi Tosas, Rene Roulet as they explore the evolution of  trail running running in the latest episode from Salomon Running TV. Outliers looks at the way that fast and light alpinism and mountain running are coming together to take athletes to new heights, both literally and figuratively. Stunning visuals, poignant commentary and jaw-dropping shots abound in this latest episode.

Running can take you to some strange places. Follow the crew of Salomon Running TV as they travel the streets of Barcelona in Episode 03. From gorgeous scenery to amazing street-life, we see it all in this visually stunning mini-movie.

Watch this visually thrilling video that shows the healing powers of running, and the ways in which it transforms his life. Through coping with depression, to finding the love of his life, Chasing the Distance chronicles Rob Krar’s transformation journey.